Extension Tubes

When I don’t have my wife’s macro lens I have extension tubes. Are they as good? Nope! What they are is a cheap alternative, and they are just as satisfying. I would equate it to eating prime rib for three weeks, then being fed blade steak that was marinated. It was still good but I prefer the prime. I tried it with my 18mm-55mm lens canon, and the results were less than satisfactory. I switched to my 75-300mm and we are getting somewhere

Now I must admit I have only owned a Dlsr for  8 months and admittedly I have lots to learn. You only have to eat prime rib, rib eye, tenderloin, strip loin, once to realize blade steak although beefy is not quite as good.

My pictures are first with the 18-55mm  lens, then of the 75-300mm lens with the tubes beside it. Then my pictures of the same crab spider in evening primrose that I took today that can be found  here. The latter was taken with the 75 -300 mm lens and tubes.




Share a link to your Twenty Minutes in the Garden in the comment section. Then we can all see what’s happening around the globe.

Being Sunday, and a nice day, I took lots of pictures. The truth is I spent a couple of hours out here today. Aphids just hatched and spiders cleaning them up.

Random flowers and stuff. Snails and fluff. Calendula seed, bachelor button,  sun impatiens, and a poppy


Share a link to your Twenty Minutes in the Garden in the comment section. Then we can all see what’s happening around the globe.

I just can’t help myself, every time I go out in the garden I look for the tiniest detail. This has been going on ever since I attached my wife’s macro lens to my camera. When I can’t find anything I go for the routine. I have two crab spiders who have set up shop, one in an evening primrose, the other in our vervain.

The first picture is of a bee who got lucky, the second bee not so.

My next picture was what I thought was a stick bug. I have know idea, the greenery is a blade of grass. It might be a baby.

Next I wandered to my raspberry bush and found this bug on the stem. I think it is a brown marmorated stink bug.  Looks like he ate a spider.

One Word Photo Challenge: Insect

This is my response to

A fly.

Flower of the Day – August 20, 2017 – Rudbeckia

Inspired by Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Rudbeckia from our back garden. Also known as Black-Eyed Susan.


Using the Gallery for Photographs

I remember years ago you could click on any image to see a larger view of photographs. It just happened, you didn’t need to do anything special to allow it. So, when I posted them here, I tried to click and nothing happened.

I thought it might be because I bring mine to “Paint” to resize them before posting. That way I will use less available space. I am frugal and worry we might run out of space. Rebel guy doesn’t resize his. If he posts a single picture, you still can’t click it for a larger view.

But we did learn that if we use the gallery option, you can scroll down and get a full size image. The neatest thing we saw (yes we are newbies, many of you probably know this) was the camera settings are there.

That means when we see a picture we like, yours or ours, we can copy those exact settings. Are we the only ones who did not know this? Probably.  😉

That’s all. I was just happy to learn something new and to know I don’t always have to remember what settings I use. I can play around, look through a bunch of pictures, then see what I was doing at the time.

Here are some random shots from the past few weeks:


I’ll Let You in on a Secret

What is it? My dream is to take candid shots of people. I would love to pick a town and just start taking pictures. Why haven’t I? I would never do so without permission first. That kind of defeats the purpose of it being candid.

I admire quirky people, people who dress outrageously, or have a fashion sense that only applies to them. Those types of photos would not have to be candid. That is where I run into my other problem. I am extremely shy. I don’t know if I could gather the nerve to do it. Then I read that you have to get permission from people to post their picture on your website by law. How do you go about that? Print some kind of document for them to sign? Would someone actually want to take the time out of their day to do all  that?

I will be in a town where I don’t know anyone next month. Maybe I will give it a go…or not. We will see.

For the time being, I will leave you with a picture of Rebel Guy that I took last week.


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