Dust On My Sensor.

For quite sometime I noticed what looked like a piece of lint or dust on my pictures. I assumed it was on the lens, and clean it up, only to find it in the pictures again. I told my wife I think there is dust inside your lens, wondering how hard it was to clean the inside of a lens,. I did a google search and watched a few youtube video’s. I don’t mind tinkering, but I haven’t always been successful.  Below is the suspect.

dust on sensor

I went to Canon and found an article on dust inside my lens. Someone in the comments told that person to try another lens, if it is still there, you have dust on your sensor. I looked at my pictures from my 18-55 and 75-300, sure enough I had dust on my sensor.

For each camera it is a different procedure. My wife’s XSI has a self cleaning mode. My T5 you set it to clean manually, remove lens, the shutter is opened. Use a rubber air blower to remove the dust. Much better than taking apart a lens that didn’t have a problem in the first place. I’m sure most people know this, but I didn’t.


Ants have Hair! Who Knew?

I never knew ants had tiny hairs, also known as Setae, until I took a macro shot of one.

This picture is for Teleporting Weena.  🙂

Flowers – Night Shots

I had a bit of interest about taking pictures at night. They may not be the best photographs, but I find the colours (greenery) at night so vibrant. I don’t use any light. My camera is just on auto, the flash goes off, and I have my shot. I am shooting blind, literally. I can’t see what I am shooting.

Here are a few examples:

Flower of the Day – August 22, 2017 – Rosebuds

Inspired by Cee’s Flower of the Day.

I love taking pictures of flowers at night:



Share a link to your Twenty Minutes in the Garden in the comment section. Then we can all see what’s happening around the globe.

Today in the garden I found a shad fly ( Mayflies or  lake flies) on our shed. Very late in the season for this guy. They come out of the water to mate and cling to something on land and die. This one missed his mark by about two months. Our family cottage is ten minutes from my house, I remember as a kid watching cars run over them. Crunch, crunch, crunch. They are attracted to light, so finding him on our back shed with no light at this time of year is strange.

On my pole beans i found a half an earwig and a orange feather that the tendril is wrapping around, suspending it in mid air. I wonder if these two scenes are connected.

We purchased a chocolate mint called after eight this is the first time it has bloomed. We take the leaves and put them in vanilla ice cream, or dip them in melted chocolate. Just like an after eight.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ooh, Shiny! – History.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Ooh, Shiny! What is guaranteed to distract me? Almost anything! Anything with sparkles or glitter, but when it comes to anything with a history or references to it, it stops me in my tracks. If I spot anything old, there is no walking past it. It could be an old nail, tool, book. Just knowing it has a past, a story to tell, I am hooked! One day I will post a story behind a food flipper (on our personal blog), an ordinary kitchen gadget, that has a story behind it.

This Oh Shiny! moment is from our visit to the house Lucy Maud Montgomery lived in and wrote some of her “Anne of Green Gables” books.


I am standing in the very room she sat while writing them!


A picture of her son, Chester, at the water pump:


This pump:


I can’t walk past useful reference books, ever:



The Original Velcro

Arctium lappa (greater burdock). I remember it as a child all over my socks, pants, and even in our hair. I don’t see much of it anymore. I’m sure its still around, I’m just not as adventurous as I was when I was a kid. We have a little of it in our back bush. There are plenty of pictures to be had in our little forest, but the mosquito’s could carry me away they are so thick, or I would make a new category: “20 seconds in the Forest”

Totally unrelated but right next to the burdock there was rye grass growing, which reminded me of the bread we had the night before. Now I’m getting hungry.

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