We Use Canon Rebel Cameras


Just because we use Canon Rebel cameras, it doesn’t mean those of you who use another kind, won’t benefit from this site. We aim to include everything we have learned here. That includes creative ideas, hacks, tips and tricks that any one can use.

There will be specific posts that will only relate to Canon users. Our inventory list can be found on the “About” page.

Keep in mind we are new to this as well. We will try to help if we can. Your questions and comments are always welcome and appreciated. If the pro’s out there want to chime in, please do!

Most of all let’s keep it friendly and have fun!



  1. Canon introduced a lot of people to digital photography and have
    maintained a reputable product – I have an older Canon FD 28mm
    f.28 I use with an adapter that produces excellent images.
    Funny thing though is Kodak actually made the first digital camera
    but their brand never took off inspite of making a couple of good
    dslr cameras.

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    1. I had no idea Kodak was the first to come out with a digital camera. There goes the old saying, be the firstest with the mostest, when you have a product. When I was young, Kodak was the camera everyone wanted. How times have changed.


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