Month: August 2017

My Niece – The Shapeshifter

You never know what she will look like when you open the door to let her in. It doesn’t only apply to the many shades of hair colour she has tried, but her fashion as well.

I love that she is her own little being, comfortable in her skin. So, I knew she would be the one person who would embrace being our test model. I took some picture of her last summer that I would like to share. That was before I wanted to take photography more serious. I did not care about what was in the background:

It started raining not long after, so we didn’t get much time in. Though she and her fiance (what a nice guy) said they were open to do some couple shots at a nearby hiking trail in the future.

This was a real learning curve for me. Taking macro shots of flowers and bugs is far easier to do than people. I have a whole new respect for these photographers now. I was not happy with the background and should know better by now. Blur the background! I did not take the time to really look what I was doing, cutting off the top of her head, or part of a limb.

I was trying to be quick because a person you see on the street is not going to stand around for even a minute. You have to be prepared and know your stuff! I used various lenses but I think when it comes down to it, right now, my macro is the one I feel more comfortable using. I know a bit more about it and have had it longer.

Here are some of the ones I took last night:


My lighting is not right. It’s a good thing she is willing to continue working with us until we get it right. I’d like to thank her for being such a great sport. You’re such a joy, Charlie!


Portrait Photography

Rebel girl and I want to take pictures of people. We bought cards to hand to people after we have built up the courage to even approach them. The dilemma is we have no experience in photographing people, other than family events. We asked our niece Charlie if she would let us take pictures of her for practice. She is a natural in front of the lens, who patiently let us switch lenses ISO, Aperture,and Shutter Speed. I imagine strangers would not be so patient. Overall we tried a 50mm, 40mm, 6.5mm fish-eye, and the 100m macro. We called her last minute and it was overcast, another area we don’t have experience with. I have no idea if my pictures are good, but she is stunning and a good sport for allowing us to do this and post it. So without further ado.

Black and White Sunday: Before and After

My entry in Paula’s (Lost In Transition) Black and White Sunday: Before and After challenge.

This is at my sister’s house. I love everything about it and am so glad she is keeping it intact. Before:




Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: August 27, 2017

I had this up in my last post in a gallery but took it down for this because I thought it was odd to find a basketball hoop set up on the second floor of a barn. Maybe that is not unusual for anyone growing up on a farm?

My entry for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge:


This Can’t Be the Place

We were going to what we thought was a newly built home and ended up passing it because it was tucked away and we did not think it could be the place. It wasn’t long before we realized we had to turn around.

The lot number told us what we thought was an abandoned home, was the right place. Rebel Guy looked at me, noticed my reaction, and smiled. Oh my, what a photo op! I was grinning from ear to ear.

All of the buildings will eventually be taken down to make way for a subdivision. The house will be the Sales Office for now. The barn was being taken down, board by board, by someone who will reuse it to make furniture.

After doing what we went there for, we took the opportunity to take some pictures, and I scored a few wooden crates.

The big barn: (Click image for larger view)

A few trees had dates nailed into them:


Various building shots:

The lightening rods were everywhere, I hope to salvage a few, maybe even the picket fence. I scored three of the crates just laying around. Other various shots:

There was a tree that looked like it had an eyeball, an old hockey stick leaning agaist a fence,a chipmunk even came along to say hello:

Not bad for thinking we would take some pictures after we left this place.  🙂