Rebel Mom Wants a New Camera

My mom has been looking at our photo’s and caught the bug. She has a Canon Sure Shot. I have an old one and was quite happy with it. After taking shots like these…

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…she wants a camera with a macro and zoom lens. She is torn between buying a Canon or Nikon. She wants to spend less on the camera and more on the lens. Anyone have a moderately priced one. Any preference on brand? Input would be appreciated.


  1. I have a Nikon, but I think that Canons are probably just as good. I think good lenses are probably just as important. My camera is an APS-C or crop sensor, which isn’t as big as a full-frame 35mm sensor, but unless you are printing poster size you probably won’t mind the difference. The lens does work at about 1.5 the focal length that it would on a full-frame camera. I have a Nikon D5300 and I think the camera body is about $500 and it does everything I need it to do as a hobbyist. The full-frame camera bodies start at about 5 times this price in the Nikon family.

    One nice thing about the D5300 that some of the more expensive cameras do not have is a fully articulated screen on the back. This makes a huge difference in usability when using live view.

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    1. Thank you for responding. I will get her to look that up and see what she thinks. We keep hearing Nikon is a good camera. She is going to wait until the week before school starts in September because that is usually when everything goes on sale. Much appreciated.


    1. Thank you for the input. It is nice to hear from people that actually use the products rather than read a review. Who knows who writes them. She will be choosing hers the first week in September when everything goes on sale. We will post what she ends up getting.


  2. I began with a Nikon SLR, as time progressed I’ve used Canon, Pentax, and Sigma SLRs,
    graduated to medium format, a camera I still have, and then to DSLRs that included Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and now Sony mirror less.
    In my blog I’ve expressed the opinion that the mirror less format will become to DSLRs as we know them what DSLRs became to film, a natural progression as all camera makers are either producing mirror less or heading in that direction, even in medium format.
    The advantage for your mother since you use a Canon Rebel which packs a lot of bang for the buck is that you would have the ability to tutor her.
    It’s all a matter of choice but having gone mirror less I wouldn’t consider anything else for myself.
    The Sony a6000 was the largest selling camera of any manufacturer and remains a high volume seller inspite of the release of the A6300 and A6500 in addition to a few full frame models, there’s a reason why the a6000 is so popular – it’s a stellar mirror less camera still in production that can be purchased for about $600 new or less if used.
    I have the Nex 7 and the A6300 – I haven’t been willing to part with either one but going to give the 7 and a couple of lenses to a friend.


  3. I began with a Nikon f4, a revolutionary camera in it’s time, but I’ve also owned Canon, Pentax, and Sigma SLRs as well.
    Then I had a Hasselblad medium format before jumping into DSLRs which ran the gamut from Nikon, Canon, and Fuji.
    Now it’s all about mirror less for me – specifically Sony’s offerings and I believe as I’ve stated numerous times in my blog that mirror less is to traditional DSLRs what traditional DSLRs were to film cameras, an evolutionary advance every camera maker is embracing and will become dominant.
    The Sony A 6000 has sold more copies than any other camera and there is an reason for that – it’s a compact full featured stellar camera that remains in production with the cost running about $500 body only and $600 with the 16-50mm lens – and a good deal can be found on a used one.
    I currently own the Sony Nex 7 and the A 6300 neither of which I have ever considered divesting myself of until just now when I will give the 7 and a couple of lenses to a friend.
    Both Canon and Nikon offer some good cameras, and the Rebels have a lot of bang for the buck, but increasingly it’s becoming a mirror less world from pros to beginners, I don’t see anything changing that.
    I may raise a hackle or two in saying so but I’ve never had an interest in Micro 4/3s – they are capable of producing good images but there are notable limitations when it comes to print size which may or not be an issue for some.
    An advantage for your mother if she is a beginner and went with a Rebel is your familiarity with them and the ability to mentor plus the ability to loan/swap lenses between the two of you.
    I always encourage people to do the math as opinions are subjective – I’m merely stating mine for what it’s worth.
    Canon has made some mirror less but seemed to do so half heartedly though they’ve upped their game with their latest, the EOS M6.

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    1. Somehow two of your comments ended up in my spam folder. I don’t understand how that happened. Good thing my husband noticed, I never check my spam. I think it would be great if she got a mirror less Canon! Sharing lenses would be fun! Learning how to use another brand would be hard, you are right, I haven’t caught on to my own yet. Mind you my attention span isn’t what it used to be.
      Funny everything else we own is Sony…tv, gaming system, small camera. They make great products. She still can’t decide which one to buy. Oh well, no sense rushing into anything. Thanks for all the information.


      1. You’re certainly under no obligation to approve comments made by me or anyone else
        and if you chose not to I wouldn’t pout about it, it’s your blog, – but I understand the spam thing, had that happen on my blog a few times and began routinely checking the spam bin.
        To date I have received 100,250 spams – that’s enough to make anyone cautious.

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  4. I’m a Nikon gal so obviously, I’d recommend Nikon – but in reality, I don’t think it makes much difference. I know the mirrorless cameras are getting to be quite popular but I’d say go for a second hand Nikon or Canon DSLR because there will always be second hand lenses out there at good prices for these cameras. If you’re in the UK, try MPB for second hand gear.

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    1. Thank you, Sue. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. She is worried about buying second hand but we keep telling her the camera store carries a warranty on them. I read about mirrorless cameras after reading your post. It does look like they will be the future of photography. They aren’t quite there yet.


      1. Thank you so much for the nomination. I really do appreciate that you thought of us, We don’t accept awards though. I hope you aren’t offended because it means a lot that you like our blog,

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