Crab Spider vs Bee

I took a shot of this innocent looking Crab Spider on our lily a few years ago.

on lily

Pink and girly, right?

A few weeks ago I was outside trying to capture any insect I could find. I noticed a bee on one of the herbs. It didn’t seem very active, maybe it was busy collecting pollen. What a great opportunity.

The closer I got, I realized that it might not be a living bee. I took this first shot. It wasn’t until I got right up to it that I noticed something else was in there too.

first shot

This bee was not living and something had a hold of it. I tried to get a good angle to see what it was. I shook the stem, nothing, it crawled in deeper.

in hiding

Ah ha! It was a Crab Spider. I read later that they quite enjoy dining on bees. Not so lady like!

I ended up having to break at least four tiny stems, and shook the life out of the plant to get that spider out into the open. They did flip down and I was able to snap a few pictures.


The last picture I thought the large yellow mass was an injury. It is a pollen sac. Oh my! I went all through life not knowing about this. Shame, shame.

bee wound

Not only am I learning how to better use my camera, I am learning about bugs and insects too. Things I never imagined would interest me at all. A whole new world has been opened to me.

It is a civic holiday in Canada and we have several people coming this weekend, posting will be light. Hoping everyone enjoys the long weekend.

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