Flower of the Day – August 8, 2017 – Snapdragon

Inspired by: Cee’s Flower of the Day
snap dragon

Interesting notes about the Snapdragon:

  • In the past it was used to ward off witchcraft spells and curses.
  • In different parts of the world the leaves and flowers have been used for:(dried) poultices to treat tumors, abscesses, sores, piles and burns. Infusions for  fevers and inflammation.

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  1. Another well executed shot – looks like you’re ramping your game up.
    In addition to the family garden grandmother has a small separate area where she cultivates an assortment of herbs and flowers for their medicinal properties that will include a couple of snapdragons that routinely grow as tall as I am presenting something to marvel at.
    This little garden is for herbs that aren’t to be found in the area or reasonable proximity – for those that are grandmother routinely goes afield with little ones, the resident hounds, and her “daughters” in tow to gather and instruct.
    Additionally in being an animist as we all are grandmother believes some illness can be caused by spirits, to address that the burning and smudging of sage and cedar are integral parts of her approach depending on the situation as well the placing of crow feather “fetishes” outside in locations she deems appropriate.
    Whether people consider a traditional nations approach to such things as quaint, primitive. or of suspect merit is secondary to the reality that when grandmother has her groove on illness and problems don’t stand a chance.

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    1. I grew a medicine garden last year. I even grew the sage and a few other things I had read about smudging. After reading more on some of the things I grew, possible side effects, I didn’t have the confidence in my ability to use them properly, so I ended up letting it go. It would be a dream come true to learn about that knowledge from a real person and not a book.
      I have heard about some reservations near-by that will teach all about how to use them.
      We grow everyday things that are known for healing, make our own Calendula salve and teas. My grandmother and mother grew up this way, when we got a sting, we ran to run plantain on it, honey for burns…and on. There were no trips to the doctor for us, and we didn’t have to pay for health care in Canada (yes through our taxes, but not per visit), they just didn’t believe in it.


      1. Modern medicine is a blink of the eye in comparison, but its wise to exercise caution
        when it comes to herbal remedies – the “natural” industry having become a commercial venture routinely touts “new ” discoveries that are questionable at best related to their efficacy.
        There has in fact been something of a history related to that and the best course to follow
        is if you aren’t sure, aren’t informed, refrain.
        A “natural” sweetner know as Sevia or Stevia that has been recently touted is actually
        exposed to ethanol at some point during the manufacturing process.
        The coconut water promotion fails to tell you it only contains 3 percent nutrients, a lot
        of natural juices contain more sugar than a soft drink.
        My personal opinion is that there exists a natural herbal remedy for just about all things that
        ail man – the knowledge of some may have been lost and others not “discovered” yet.
        “Western medicine” obviously can serve a purpose at times, but like most things a balance
        is lacking.
        We’re fortunate in that grandmother began her related education/training decades a go as a young girl and in our opinion is a hands down expert- so when she says here drink this we may have to pinch our nose but won’t hesitate.

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      2. We grew stevia one year, boy is it sweet! I would love to grow it again now that we dehydrate and powder many things that we grow.
        “so when she says here drink this we may have to pinch our nose but won’t hesitate.” <—–laughed at that one! You are so fortunate to have your grandmother to cure what ails you!
        I understand what you are saying about store bought health foods, I don't trust them, too many things are passed as safe for consumption, or say they are healthy, when they are clearly not.
        That is one reason we grow so much garlic!


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