20 Minutes In The Garden

I would like to spend 20 minutes a day in the garden taking macro shots .There is certainly no shortage of content.
I was setting up my camera at my table when this jumping spider stopped by for lunch.

spider and flyspider fly 2spider haing lunchspider lunch 2

This wasp was enjoying the cilantro.


Then I took a picture of this creature. Update: This is an Ambush bug. If you happen to see one of these, a crab spider might also be near-by, they tend to sit in prey around each other.

what the heck

what the heck 2



    1. He grabbed that fly right in front of me . I am still a total noob . So i didn`t have time to experiment . But looking at it i would have changed ISO , I find most subjects are well aware that i am there .That alone is really cool .


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