Where Did It Go?

First, let me explain why this picture is so bad. My husband likes to do animation, so when we are out and about we will take pictures just to find a background or texture he might be able to use. We were on our way to his brother’s house and I just put my camera at the side window and started snapping away. Sometimes we get lucky.

When I took this one, I hadn’t even noticed the tiny building at all. It wasn’t until we got home and I dumped the card into the computer. That’s when I saw it.

lost building

I told him the next time we visit his brother we had to stop and get a good picture of it. I went back into the folder to try to gauge where exactly it was by looking at what I had snapped before and after this shot.

The next trip we slowed right down, sure we knew the location. Nothing. We could not find it. My lost opportunity. The lost building. I am not giving up yet. There will be more trips to his brother’s before the snow flies.


    1. LOL! Not that I recall. But then as Scully says:
      “Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it.”
      Maybe I just did not know and we glitched to another dimension. 🙂


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