Walking around my gardens for 10 minutes I wondered how i was going to be able to keep posting my twenty minute theme. I took pictures of my Coriander, an ornamental hops plant, and a golden tortoise beetle. The problem was everything else was looking the same.

I wandered off to the back of our property and spotted a small bug in a spider web. Took a picture and looked at it . Well whatever it was I had never seen anything like it. I freed it from the web, cleaned off the cobwebs the best i could and started taking pictures. It is a candy striped leaf hopper. The wind was blowing it around on the table, patiently I kept putting him back in place, then his one wing fell off.

After that I took a few more pics in and around my greenhouse. I have this shot of a male mosquito, which I thought had dandelion fluff on his antenna. Turns out that is the antenna. Some type of cocoon, and clover mites on my pumpkin leaves. I grow my pumpkin in the greenhouse because raccoons kept eating holes in them.


    1. Thanks i have never seen one before. I now know they are native to north and south america. It reminded me of Mayan and Inca and Native Indians artwork. To bad he met his fate in the spiders web


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