I’ll Let You in on a Secret

What is it? My dream is to take candid shots of people. I would love to pick a town and just start taking pictures. Why haven’t I? I would never do so without permission first. That kind of defeats the purpose of it being candid.

I admire quirky people, people who dress outrageously, or have a fashion sense that only applies to them. Those types of photos would not have to be candid. That is where I run into my other problem. I am extremely shy. I don’t know if I could gather the nerve to do it. Then I read that you have to get permission from people to post their picture on your website by law. How do you go about that? Print some kind of document for them to sign? Would someone actually want to take the time out of their day to do all  that?

I will be in a town where I don’t know anyone next month. Maybe I will give it a go…or not. We will see.

For the time being, I will leave you with a picture of Rebel Guy that I took last week.



  1. There’s been something of a long running narrative related to what’s referred to as “street photography”, some insisting that with camera in hand you basically have the right to intrude
    and snap away.
    I’m not an adherent of that even though it can serve a definite archival purpose preserving
    the human condition but question it if based solely on what could be construed as entertainment or commercial value.
    I don’t appreciate anyone sticking a camera in my face taking photos, if permission is asked
    that’s a different story and my right to either consent or deny.
    If the argument is to be predicated solely upon “rights” then what of the individuals right whose
    photo is being taken? Is there no reciprocity?
    Do the “rights” of the photographer stop where those of the subject begin? That’s a question that can be argued over endlessly as circumstances dictate, yet one that has been addressed in a manner of speaking related to a “model’s release”.
    This implied consent is in part due to Google wandering the streets snapping away, they’ve got the bucks and influence so that must surely translate to being correct and privacy or any other consideration be damned.
    I’ve taken hundreds of photos of our people from elders to children, but never did so without first requesting permission – the fact that I feel as though that is the correct way to go about it doesn’t mean it is a standard everyone will adopt, and of course there would be obvious exceptions.

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    1. I am of the same mind. I don’t like my picture being taken at all and would never take someone’s with out permission. Street performers or ones at an event, sure.
      Google wandering the skies and streets invading privacy bothers me. We even had a drone fly over our property, no idea who was flying it. I expect to see a few lawsuits will happen in the future when these things start falling from the sky.

      I will have to go to an outdoor busker type of event to get my people shots. I know I do not appreciate my privacy being encroached upon. Though I see so many candid, black and white photos that are just so beautiful.

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  2. I am sure that some photos of random people wouldn’t be found unless they actually were looking. I rarely take photos of people but I feel like you that people are interesting and it would be good to have a few photos

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