Weekly Photo Challenge – Ooh, Shiny! – History.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Ooh, Shiny! What is guaranteed to distract me? Almost anything! Anything with sparkles or glitter, but when it comes to anything with a history or references to it, it stops me in my tracks. If I spot anything old, there is no walking past it. It could be an old nail, tool, book. Just knowing it has a past, a story to tell, I am hooked! One day I will post a story behind a food flipper (on our personal blog), an ordinary kitchen gadget, that has a story behind it.

This Oh Shiny! moment is from our visit to the house Lucy Maud Montgomery lived in and wrote some of her “Anne of Green Gables” books.


I am standing in the very room she sat while writing them!


A picture of her son, Chester, at the water pump:


This pump:


I can’t walk past useful reference books, ever:




  1. So interesting and so timely as just finished watching Anne with an E on netflix – deviates from the book quite a bit but still liked it. It would be wonderful to write something that stands the test of time like Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books have.

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      1. Yes the art and the song on the credits is really lovely. It is hard to believe about those two shows – watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad – could appreciate its realism but too much for me (my husband and son liked it). The acting in both shows is top-notch though.

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with you RebelGirl, anything historical is a definite ‘stop you in your tracks’ moment!! I love the old reference book, they are generally so full of practical advice, people don’t seem to write such useful books these days!

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  3. The “Anne of Green Gables” made by Kevin Sullivan (1985) was pretty much required viewing in our house – probably more than once – as I had small daughter at that time. The more recent version was a travesty! I did also read several of the books – because the book is always better than any subsequent adaptation. I have not yet managed to get to PEI but it is on the bucket list.

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