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Today in the garden I found a shad fly ( Mayflies or  lake flies) on our shed. Very late in the season for this guy. They come out of the water to mate and cling to something on land and die. This one missed his mark by about two months. Our family cottage is ten minutes from my house, I remember as a kid watching cars run over them. Crunch, crunch, crunch. They are attracted to light, so finding him on our back shed with no light at this time of year is strange.

On my pole beans i found a half an earwig and a orange feather that the tendril is wrapping around, suspending it in mid air. I wonder if these two scenes are connected.

We purchased a chocolate mint called after eight this is the first time it has bloomed. We take the leaves and put them in vanilla ice cream, or dip them in melted chocolate. Just like an after eight.

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