Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: August 27, 2017

I had this up in my last post in a gallery but took it down for this because I thought it was odd to find a basketball hoop set up on the second floor of a barn. Maybe that is not unusual for anyone growing up on a farm?

My entry for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge:



  1. It’s a shame a house like this isn’t being restored – never really understood the
    concept of subdivisions, better to have some elbow room and the ability to
    spread out.
    Big on the idea of recycling salvage material, done more than a few pegged
    tongue and groove floors after running boards through a planer and an old
    shaper to route the tongues and grooves.
    Like the photos, in particular the one of the stump and the dated tree.

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    1. I know it is! It would be my dream to buy that property and fix it up. Another site had such a lovely home and it broke my heart to know it was going to be demolished!
      But, I can’t say anything, the builders are our bread and butter. I prefer country living. Some people like the social life and love living in small community areas.
      LOL! I am a scavenger at heart.
      Those planers are amazing, you can take the ugliest piece of lumber and turn it into a thing of beauty. We are in the (slow) process of turning our back porch/room into a woodworking area. Rebel Guys dad was a handyman and we have all his tools. The thing that makes dovetails too! I don’t know the names of all the stuff, but I know what they do! 🙂


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