This Can’t Be the Place

We were going to what we thought was a newly built home and ended up passing it because it was tucked away and we did not think it could be the place. It wasn’t long before we realized we had to turn around.

The lot number told us what we thought was an abandoned home, was the right place. Rebel Guy looked at me, noticed my reaction, and smiled. Oh my, what a photo op! I was grinning from ear to ear.

All of the buildings will eventually be taken down to make way for a subdivision. The house will be the Sales Office for now. The barn was being taken down, board by board, by someone who will reuse it to make furniture.

After doing what we went there for, we took the opportunity to take some pictures, and I scored a few wooden crates.

The big barn: (Click image for larger view)

A few trees had dates nailed into them:


Various building shots:

The lightening rods were everywhere, I hope to salvage a few, maybe even the picket fence. I scored three of the crates just laying around. Other various shots:

There was a tree that looked like it had an eyeball, an old hockey stick leaning agaist a fence,a chipmunk even came along to say hello:

Not bad for thinking we would take some pictures after we left this place.  🙂



    1. Free is my favorite word! I keep telling builders we know to call me before they demo a place. It hasn’t happened yet, I am not shy about climbing through the leftover garbage piles!
      There have been many times where I have wished we had a bigger vehicle, or one that could hold a heavier load!

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      1. We are so much on the same page. I recycle reuse stuff all the time. Built my first house/shed from second hand stuff. All the windows in this house are from old houses. I have a ute 🙂

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      2. Oh, me too! I love doing stuff like that. This year was a write off, time wise, but we will be posting stuff like that on our personal blog, from time to time.
        That’s awesome that you built your house from second hand stuff. Impressive.
        I had to search what a ute was. 🙂 Now I know.

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