My Niece – The Shapeshifter

You never know what she will look like when you open the door to let her in. It doesn’t only apply to the many shades of hair colour she has tried, but her fashion as well.

I love that she is her own little being, comfortable in her skin. So, I knew she would be the one person who would embrace being our test model. I took some picture of her last summer that I would like to share. That was before I wanted to take photography more serious. I did not care about what was in the background:

It started raining not long after, so we didn’t get much time in. Though she and her fiance (what a nice guy) said they were open to do some couple shots at a nearby hiking trail in the future.

This was a real learning curve for me. Taking macro shots of flowers and bugs is far easier to do than people. I have a whole new respect for these photographers now. I was not happy with the background and should know better by now. Blur the background! I did not take the time to really look what I was doing, cutting off the top of her head, or part of a limb.

I was trying to be quick because a person you see on the street is not going to stand around for even a minute. You have to be prepared and know your stuff! I used various lenses but I think when it comes down to it, right now, my macro is the one I feel more comfortable using. I know a bit more about it and have had it longer.

Here are some of the ones I took last night:


My lighting is not right. It’s a good thing she is willing to continue working with us until we get it right. I’d like to thank her for being such a great sport. You’re such a joy, Charlie!



    1. It is! But you are right, from your latest post, being able to capture a person being natural makes for a more interesting picture. Not to mention, the person would be more comfortable. Thank goodness my niece is so comfortable in staged shots or it never would have worked.

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