Geese In Flight

Last night I was outside barbecuing and playing with my camera. I was using the 40 and 50 mm. Canon lenses. I like that I was able to shoot with one, with the other in my pocket. .

In the distance I could hear geese flying my way. With no time to go in and grab our 55-250 mm. I just aimed and clicked. I am very pleased with the ease of use of both these lenses, and how compact they are. I was surprised with how close I could get with the 50 mm, considering the geese were forty feet above me.


    1. Haha . I figured that out with a zoom lens in my yard. Tried to take a picture of a robin 60 ft away, in the shade of cedar trees. looked at the first picture and went for flash. Quickly realized flash doesn’t quite go that far. 🙂 . Learning something you like is always fun but can be very humiliating!!

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    1. Have you ever seen the videos of people jumping off of cliffs in wing suits with Go-Pro’s on there helmets? That looks amazing, but the older I get the more the I fear human error. Specifically mine.


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