Bracebridge Portraits

We were in Bracebridge  today taking pictures of the falls. We also had the goal of taking peoples pictures. A nice family was there taking selfies, as I waited for one of them to take a picture they smiled at me. I wasn’t about to waste this opportunity, so I asked if I could take one of them, and they obliged.  I knew I had my zoom lens on but thought you did it , you ladies are my first. Sorry that it’s not the best shot I would have rather some depth of field, and less blur. I was so happy to have worked up the courage to ask. A major milestone. Nice family at the falls in Bracebridge Ontario

Later we met two nice ladies who were waiting for their husbands to finish golfing. They were taking pictures as well at the falls. Rebel Girl asked them if we could take a picture. They were nice enough to let us fumble with our camera’s till we took a few decent pictures. The one woman had a canon and was giving us tips, how awesome is that. Thank you ladies you are my second photo. And it was nice meeting you and chatting .

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