Sawdust City Brewing Company

On our way home from Bracebridge we stopped in Gravenhurst, another Muskoka hot spot. First stop Sawdust City Brewing Co. They sell one brand of this beer at my local liquor store.

I was really impressed. For one it was busy in there. They have live acts on Friday and Saturday nights. The young woman who worked at the front welcomed us in. All the staff were friendly. We asked if it was okay to take pictures, she told us no problem and when were done come in and try some samplers. It was a really nice environment.

When we left we asked where would be a good place to eat. She told us that Grillicious Gourmet Food Truck was right on the lot and if we ordered they would bring our food into the brewery. She also gave us four other recommendations for the town. It was getting late and we wanted to see the town. I asked if we could park there and walk down to the harbor to take pictures of the sunrise, and come back to eat. They were very accommodating, we will surely be back again. The food truck was very busy bringing food into the brewery. We were so full from lunch that we only ordered jalapeno poppers and fries, and ate them on our way home. When we left we purchased a few items that I enjoyed today .

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