Things I Learned Yesterday – Part One

Where to begin? Our first excursion to take pictures of people did not turn out the way we imagined it would. Not that we didn’t enjoy the day. We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and it was so nice to get out together and do something new.

We drove up north and had really pumped each other up, we were going to take loads of pictures of people, stores and maybe the owners…on and on. Once there, my thoughts changed quickly.

It was a long week-end, the stores were busy, I was not going to harass owners to stop and pose for a picture.

So here is a waterfall picture instead:


As for everyday people, well, I imagined that they were just like us, and if asked by someone, how would I feel? Awkward, uneasy and would say no. So, I did offer to some nice women we met, but made Rebel Guy take them. I think an event would be the only time I would do that, of people who expect their picture to be taken. I do love looking at candid pictures, though I doubt that I will be doing them. One day perhaps, never say never.

One of the first mistakes I made was what I wore. I dressed for a cool day. It was at first, then came hours of hot weather. I did have a light shirt BUT that was in our vehicle that we had parked far away from where we had walked to. We thought it would be a good thing to get some exercise. After hours of walking in that sun, turning back and doing the same walk uphill was a bit of a chore. The smart thing to do would have been to split it up.


Bring a backpack! Oh boy, I could have jumped in that water and gulped down some of it. We were so thirsty (I will get to WHY I was so dehydrated later) and should have brought water with us. You need to have your hands free to take pictures! Who would have thought? Sign of an amateur!

Oh, and don’t shop. Two reasons: You need to have BOTH hands free. One can not be carrying another bag around. You also have the added weight. I never realized carrying around a camera bag gets quite heavy after a few hours. In total we carried them for around eight hours. I am going to look into getting a sling bag for next time. I was constantly having to move mine so I did not knock into other people or Rebel Guy and his bag beside me.

I know it sounds like I am complaining. I did not complain then, just took note of all the things that I would change before we spend another day taking pictures. It was an amazing venture for both of us and we had a great time.

Another thing to think about, what if it had rained? We had nothing with us to protect our camera bags from getting wet.wf1

Check your new memory cards, or any new accessory, before you leave the house. Is the battery charged? I only had a 2 and 16 gig card, so Rebel Guy bought me a 64 gig card before we went. My camera is older and for some reason it was not formatted for my camera and would not allow me to take pictures. It was fine for his newer one. So, he had to trade me his old 8 gig for it. Didn’t he luck out?  🙂

I find out later, my maximum is 32 gigs.

I will end this with a pretty picture of the sky. Part two will be up in a little while.



  1. I’m never comfortable taking strangers’ portraits either – I hate being photographed myself so don’t like feeling hypocritical. Even with street photography I generally tend to avoid capturing people’s faces close up, it somehow feels like an intrusion into their privacy 😦 but yet at the same time I love looking at everyone else’s candid portraiture, and always hope wistfully that someday I might start to feel differently about it all… 🙂

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