Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

For this challenge, show us what waiting looks like to you.

Toronto Maple Leafs! Waiting for the puck to drop:


During the intermission some brave men came out in their bare feet to entertain the crowd. Can you imagine how cold that must have been? I bet, in their heads, they wanted to tell the Ref to hurry up and drop that freaking puck!


As for me, I am anxiously waiting for the new season. I have never been so excited about watching the Leafs! We are bringing home the cup! Wait and see!


      1. I grew up watching them and cheering them on, but it always ended by saying; “Oh well, maybe next year.” I’m a bit older than you, so it would certainly be an amazing thing to see…. the city would just go absolutely wild….

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    1. I love that song by the Hip, Fifty Mission Cap, about the Leafs. That was another exciting time in hockey. Tucker and Domi were also fun to watch. Just the look on Tucker’s face when he was about to lose it!


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