The Nutty Chocolatier

Rebel Guy:

When we visited Port Perry we stopped at The Nutty Chocolatier 

What do I have to say about chocolate goodies? Yummy !! I don’t eat chocolate much anymore, most cheap chocolate gives me an allergic reaction. Not so with the good stuff, and this store has plenty to choose from. I was amazed at the early 1900 general store appeal. It was like I stepped off a wagon in 1895. I bought chocolate covered coffee beans, and maple fudge. We will be going back. 🙂

Rebel Girl:

Oh, how I wish I could eat chocolate! For some reason sweets don’t agree with me. 😦

Everything here looked so delicious!


There is something for everyone:


I bought a shot glass for Rebel Mom and Rebel Guy. Chocolate covered ginger is Rebel Mom’s favourite thing, so I couldn’t pass on that. She said it was amazing!





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