Practice Makes Perfect

Today on our way home we took an indirect route. I see a hawk almost everyday, determined today we were going to get a picture. In all honesty, for three days I have brought my camera and no sign of the hawk. As we rounded a bend of a country road we spotted a huge turkey vulture gorging on road kill. Believe me, I was smiling ear to ear, he took off and I parked a quarter mile up the road. It never came back. We waited twenty minutes, I took a few of it flying around a mile away.

I spotted a bunch of geese in a river and turned around, we parked and took some pictures. Then I noticed a mallard duck and started to snap away. The one thing about looking at peoples pictures is that you realize quickly where you are not up to par. I want the duck I want the reflection and I think I have it. Rebel Girl says to me on our way home you think that duck was real? It never moved once. I can now safely say I can go back there everyday and practice that same shot until I get shots that many other photographers are taking that I like. I can only imagine the owners of the property killing themselves laughing, as I take my pictures. What will they think when I keep coming back?  🙂decoy duck 2


It was a decoy.
decoy duck 2 (2)


  1. It’s a well thought out shot even if the duck isn’t real and only a decoy, you could say though
    it was a model you hired who like all models is able to maintain a pose for an extended
    period of time.


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