Blue Heron

Today we helped my brother pick up a couch, washer and dryer. I took back roads all the way home and spotted a Blue Heron in a creek.

blue Heron

It was eating river bait and not paying any attention to me.

I tried to get a better angle and spooked this beauty.

Blue Heron Getting ready to fly
It finally had enough of me.

Blue Heron Airborne
The wingspan is three feet or more, they are almost in the water.
Blue Heron Airborne2

Reminds me of a stunt pilot.
Blue Heron Airborne3

Forty feet from me it lands and is safe.



    1. Thank you . I was very happy when I spotted this beauty. My other brother has an acre pond on his property . They had huge blood suckers in it and his kids would not swim anymore . They were told to put rainbow trout in it . So that is what they did . The next day two of these Heron were feasting on his fish . Wish i was there that day. 🙂

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      1. It’s great when you can stop whatever your doing and make the most of such an amazing scene. The heron’s wing span is unbelievable. You have made my day just thinking about the beautiful wildlife on your doorstep. Thank you 😀

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      2. Before i owned a camera I noticed things but was always to busy to stop and appreciate it. Now I go out of my way looking for life. The pace of life is so fast for everyone now I stop to smell the roses . Thank you for taking time to comment , It is very encouraging.

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    1. Thanks! It is amazing the wing span could even be 4 feet or a little more . Very hard to tell , everything happens so fast, and my face is stuck in my camera . I have watched one fly over my car, and was stunned at the size. and this one was a good size.

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      1. OH NO! I wouldn’t swim with giant leeches! We have an egret that stabs his beak through the deer net and it actually kills the goldfish! The egret can’t get the fish through the net so it leaves it, dead, for me to throw out! Now I have plants covering the fish and I haven’t seen any birds….or fish because of the plants….hahaha The things we put up with because of our love of nature!

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