1. No it is about ten minutes from my house .hydro built that platform . When they don’t it looks like they drag tree limbs up to those poles. i am cutting the grass but did check out your site I will be back when i’m done because we have at least 4 lbs of green beans . And we love desert . Thanks for commenting .

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      1. Awe thank you! I just started my blog in February but have over 200 recipes already! Thanks for visiting it! I follow our local bald eagle nests in our area. I just love birds of all kinds! You have awesome photos on your blog!

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      2. We love recipes and are avid gardeners. So looking forward to reading your post. We started our blog in late July . But it is my wife and i doing it . I would love to see eagle nest and eagles . I am smoking beef ribs for dinner but i will be sure to check your site after dinner .

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      3. its almost done my lawn takes 3 hours by hand, and i have been smoking while i’m out there . 1 hour to go if you lived close there is enough. 🙂 You sound like my brothers who live an hour away .

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