Shooting For The Stars

During Perseid meteor shower last month I went out armed with bug repellent, tripod, camera . I ended up seeing a few meteors but seemed to never have the camera in the right spot.
I was looking at  Jfrels  page, and was inspired to go back and look at those pictures again. I think I did get one faint meteor. Or a spider spinning a web from tree to tree . 🙂Shooting star

I think I only saw 6 meteors over the course of an hour. Bored I started to play with lenses and settings. I was taking pictures randomly where I witnessed the last meteor, hoping for a repeat . There were a few stars I could visually see, I was blown away at what the camera sensor picked up that I couldn’t see. Most pictures I had my shutter between 20 -30 seconds . I set the last picture to 6 seconds to compensate for the earths movement. I plan on doing a lot more night photography.

shooting the stars.


    1. They are rocks , most shoot through our atmosphere and burn up . Some land I wish I could find one. You only have to look at close up pictures of the moon to see how many big rocks hit the surface. We live in a electric universe. Debris is pulled from the far reaches of our solar system . The planet Jupiter shields us from many hits, as does our moon . Once these iron balls are magnetically connected to our sun they are on a cycle. Some are yearly some much longer . It is really fascinating.

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  1. Looks good! I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with this lately – just a DSLR and stacking, no telescope. Without an equatorial mount, unless it’s REALLY wide angle (GoPro at 30 seconds is good), I’ve found 6 seconds is pushing it, 4 seems to be pretty good. Still amazing what you can see – I’ve been playing with various clusters, nebulae, the Milky Way (Of course). For meteors you nailed it. Wide field, and the only thing moving is what you’re trying to catch!

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  2. Just this morning I tried long exposures on a tripod for the first time during that hour before sunrise. I thought 3 seconds was long! 😜 I think I will be practicing a lot more. Love your shots.

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