Photoshop Express – I Didn’t Have it.

Am I the only one? All this time I could have had it for free! I had been talking about photo editing programs with Rezinate for some time, not sure what one to use. Adobe Photoshop would be my choice but I just don’t want to pay a monthly fee. It would be different if photography was not a hobby and I was making an income from it.

I down loaded trials and free ones. Everything was just a huge learning curve and I wanted quick and easy. I do remember Rezinate mentioning PSE. I thought it was something else and downloaded the wrong thing!

My computer is a bit older, as is the windows program I use. I didn’t have anything but this basic editor. After deleting loads of pictures that I thought could never be saved, I went to windows to see if they had anything. PSE. I think that is what Rezinate was telling me the whole time!

From this:



To this:


That was one click using auto fix and nothing else. Do I feel stupid or what?



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