Forgiving Fridays: A Fun 7 Days of Forgiveness!

I promised Deborah almost a month ago to post on forgiveness and thought I would put one up on our personal blog. Then she mentioned even a picture of something that brought me joy. This also gave me an opportunity to play with the photo editor, which I am also loving!

I love all those fluffy tall grasses, like tiny hairs blowing in the wind. We see them everywhere. Rebel Guy usually slows down and tells me to look. I don’t know why I love them so much, they just make me smile. I never seem to have a camera when we see them, so the next best thing is this:

forgive (2)_edited

I generally let things slide after a few minutes. Life is too short and I do not want to make myself less happy. But, I do admit there are some things I have let fester in my life and it is time to get over it. Life should be peaceful, I should not be the one that brings me less of it. Thanks, Deb!



  1. Oh Rebel Girl, I wish there were a “Love” button! I would have clicked on that. This is a beautiful post. Yay!!!

    I was just sharing with someone how forgiveness is such a powerful way to heal and let go. My mantra (or one of them 🙂 ) is “The willingness to do gives the ability to do.” Be gentle with yourself. I am inspired and touched by you … and by your expression of joy. It is exquisite. Happy Sunday, and I’ll share this post next week! Love, Debbie

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    1. Thank you, Debbie! It’s funny how hard it is to post some things that make you feel vulnerable. You know how long it has been since I told you when I would.
      I can stand up for myself and others, hold my ground on my beliefs, politics, or lifestyle and not think twice about it. That just goes to show how much work I need to do on that end of it. 🙂
      When I believe something needs to be said, I will say it. Why is it so hard to voice deep inner feelings?

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