Photography Update: Rebel Girl

Rebel Guy chose a photo editing program: Corel AfterShot Pro 3. I was using it, much more advanced for me and all it did was crash my computer. His is newer and does not have that problem.

Right now I am happy using my free stuff, the basic photo editor, Paint and Photo Shop Express. I will want better down the road.

We asked a few of Rebel Guy’s brothers close friends for some feedback. He has the most creative group of friends and they make a living doing it. One of them gave us his feedback and some great advice (Thanks, Craig!). One being to name our photographs so they are easier to find. Another was, though it is great to follow challenges, to also create our own personal challenges. Great advice!

I know what I need to work on, so why not challenge myself to master one thing at a time, be it lighting, a setting…the list is long!

From Mundane Mondays, I have learned that we should be able to take anything and make it into a MORE interesting picture. Spruce it up and make it photo worthy.

Normally I would have only posted the hanging garlic bunches I make on our personal blog. This challenged me to find a way of turning garlic into something worth putting on our photo site. This is my attempt:


Ignore the painted black. Note to self – be pickier when it comes to the background!

It also gave me a chance to play with different looks:

That’s all for now. WAIT! No it’s not. Why didn’t I unfold the towel? How is this?


I think I like the top ones better.


  1. Think I agree re the contrasting black back ground but it’s all a matter
    of taste – either way well done.
    Composition posed some problems for me early on as I would be focused
    on the subject rather than the entire picture and how it worked in relationship.
    I think that’s true with just about everyone when they begin – good idea to
    play with different backgrounds and if your editing program lends itself to
    doing so stacking multiple looks can produce some great effects.

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    1. Thanks, Rezinate. That’s where I notice the great impact of stacking pictures! One day I will learn that. I think I need a newer computer. The time lag and crashing just frustrates me to no end!


      1. Been there and done that with the crashing programs, can be very
        frustrating and make you want to throw your hands up and walk
        away – had to do some serious horsetrading to wind up with a
        used iMac to address crashing issues.
        A possible short cut if your comp can handle it and you use presets
        is to layer one on top of the other – on a Mac this can be accomplished
        by pressing the option key and clicking subsequent presets – you
        can then in turn save the results as a preset of your own to use as a
        one click or starting point though I believe presets in and of themselves
        seldom do justice if a person doesn’t do some tweaking/experimenting.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have always wanted a Mac computer. I used one when I worked at a place that made custom iron on prints to go on apparel. It was an old work horse. I will try using presets and see if it helps the crashing. Thanks, Rezinate!


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