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Today walking the gardens life is busy around the wildflowers. Update: (I was so happy with the look of the flower, I overlooked the spider on it)

Aster ?
Bee on aster

I spotted a frog but when the flash went off he bolted. I wasn’t sure if I even got a picture.
There are lots of spider webs .Mosquito in web

When I tried to take a picture of a spider he kept running after bee’s and wasp that were hitting the web. I thought to myself I should stay close I might catch some action. The Mosquito hawk I took pictures of the other day, or one just like it landed in the web. The spider pounced and I started snapping.

Spider trapping his meal
I was amazed at the speed the spider worked.
Spider working diligently

And finally a petrified fly or something.


    1. I just looked at your latest pictures and for some reason the letter N and K wouldn’t show in my message back .I wanted to say your pansy is definitely a Disney Lion. Thanks for the kudos . I didn’t forget about the guitars, I polished two today. Most are not expensive. I have a fender squire i cleaned today made in japan It has seymore duncan pickups and is a fender true and true. Apparently it is now a classic I paid 150$ in 1989 .

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      1. My Japanese squire is the best it can be It is 28 years old .Very loud for recording though.. I have a Ovation breadwinner I think 1972. I bought it at the same time as the squire. In fact it was Rebel Girl that told me all that time ago to go back and buy that guitar for the same price as the squire. I will clean it tomorrow. I have a few prs se versions that I play now They are new . One Rebel girl bought me for Christmas 2 years ago . They are my favorite. I have 2 fender acoustic guitars one of them is the best acoustic I have ever played. The other needs some help. They are identical guitars. One must have been made on Friday. They are both 40 years old. I like the SG by the way .Angus 🙂

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      2. Oh yes a Luthier is in order . I just gave up on the one and have enjoyed the other most of my life . The second was a gift from my brother in law. Humidity is the main culprit it pulled the bridge apart . He had it replaced and it split again , My original just has a ring to it especially with open tuning and slide .I am a true believer that if you don’t play your guitars they end up with problems . Wait till you see my old Gibson cheapy . The finish is brutal , and I doubt it will keep tune .Still can’t part with. That was my ticket to fame when I was 15 lmao 🙂

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      3. A poor old Gibson. Oh well sometimes they just are the ones you want. I get mine out a few times a year to give them all a bit of a play. The Yamaha sounds like it is past it. Would cost a lot to get it into order I dare say. As was my Splendor when I was 16 or 17 🙂

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