1. At times raucous, opinionated and full of themselves – Jays doing their thing, wouldn’t be the same without them.
    Grandfather has a great love of peanuts and the Jays have come to understand this, in short
    order when he steps outside they begin to put in an appearance – flashes of blue flitting about
    amidst a chorus of what I am sure is “toss me a peanut”.
    Nice photos.

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    1. I cannot go out in to yard with out them chirping above my head. Well that is a bit of an exaggeration. If I go out quietly i’m left to my own. Run a garden hose or go in my greenhouse and the scout signals to the rest of them. 🙂


    1. It wasn’t so much a feeder as a place to keep my best buddy a grey squirrel off of my personal belongings. 🙂 I started putting peanuts on a table close to my table. Just far enough that blue jays were comfortable. I was feeding this one grey squirrel, because he does tricks. Then i noticed if I left the table he was in my beer, the bag of peanuts and my lunch. I know it’s my fault. i have been trying to remedy it with simple persuasion. The basket above has Sun Impatiens.

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    1. Outside of grackle and blue jay and our resident robins, we are not seeing much action. Funny you say mockingbirds . Yesterday my mother-inlaw and I were looking at birds that look just like mockingbirds. I have never seen them here. They look very similar to the blue jay but grey and white. I’m sure they are around central Ontario I have never seen them


      1. I bought a Central Texas bird guide, but I am still not that good at identifying birds. I work in an office building on the 5th floor and I often see black vultures, crows, and an occasional hawk go by. There is a stand of trees near the building and the vultures often circle it during the day, they’re such ugly birds, but useful.

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      2. I know absolutely nothing about birds, just the few I see every year. Vultures are ugly . We have turkey vultures here. We have crows and there diet consist of garbage and roadkill . But in the last year I have seen crows with gold beaks 3 times the size of an average crow and they circle, so i assume they are hunting.

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