An Ode to Beer

This is my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter E – Needs to have two E’s in the topic word.


Steam Whistle is a Canadian beer and sells some pretty cool products to go along with it:


There are many Craft Breweries popping up all over. Beer is popular in Canada. Remember Bob and Doug McKenzie? I loved those guys. These are some of the ones Rebel Guy enjoys:


After a few of them, this is where you will probably find him.  🙂


Did I mention he also believes:




  1. I’ve been to Steam Whistle, can’t say I enjoyed it too much. But it was my first attempt, I’d be willing to try it again!! I’m curious though have you been to Collective Arts? They sell it in the states, so I’ve been able to try. Also a coworker of mine has picked me up a couple brews from there. Anyways Cheers!!!!

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    1. We haven’t been to Collective Arts yet but my husband love their Ransack The Universe beer. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. We haven’t been to the Steam Whistle Brewery either, I just love all the things sell at the liquor store with the brand.


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