Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stones

My entry in response to Week 75 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge:

These stones are being laid for a wall. They were eventually filled with small trees and flowers. Did I forget to mention a stone fireplace, pit, and all around a salt water pool? Lucky people!


Stone statues:


A fake garden stone:


Various books and gem stones:




    1. They had one of small bulldozers. It was a time consuming job. I know how you feel though. I could only put three or four at a time in our wheelbarrow when I made our rock garden. By the end of the day, I was in agony!


    1. Thanks, Frank. The books and stones were my grandmothers. I was given the gemstones because I made jewelry at the time of her passing. The books, it’s just hard to let them go right now. The landscaping was unbelievable when it was done. If I ever go back there I will make sure to get a photo! You should have seen his cars!

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