Photography Contests

If you look up, you will see a new tab in our menu titled Photography Contests. I haven’t entered any yet. Down the road, I think I would like to enter some free ones. What is there to lose? I will add to the list from time to time. Many of the are for amateur photographers too.

Have you ever entered any?


  1. Contests or Challenges? I prefer the latter as it is less stressful for the amateur photographer as it is not a competition. I do enter posts for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge as visual essays and have done the online courses from WordPress U on “Developing the Eye” I and II – both designed to help you see how to compose better by paying attention to such things as light and motion, the principles of leading lines and the rule of thirds. It also covers some editing tools. Well worth doing! I am an iPhone camera user, so I also read the online articles from iPhone Photography School which gives you many useful tips.

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  2. I always read the terms of the contest, or whatever; I’m looking for any legal mumbo jumbo that suggests I have to give up my rights as owner of the photo, or anything that mentions the contest gets ‘exclusive use’ of the image. If I get a whiff of that, I refuse to enter.

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