1. Very nice and wanted to say here re the phonetic pronunciation it’s
    a little difficult for me due to tones and rising or falling decibel levels.
    Gave it shot trying to incorporate those elements and wound with
    a lot more letters than in the word itself and so taking a different
    approach paring things down and will post it in the blog in response
    to your request.
    Am I seeing a little hdr in the photo?

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      1. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a process of combining three or more of the same photos taken with different exposure levels – essential to do this on a tripod for best results to insure no blurring doing to camera shake and that all the exposures align perfectly.
        Amazing results if done properly and how much tweaking is done, there are of course presets
        that produce a comparable result with a single photo but none in my opinion capable of producing the same results.
        This is a good photo that conjures up a lot mental imagery.

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      2. Oh, that is what I want to do when I get a better computer that won’t crash when using programs like that! I have seen it with macro shots and love the outcome! Thank, Rezinate!


      1. I just learned about Photoshop Express from another blogger yesterday. I downloaded it today, but I haven’t used it yet. Posting the original is up to you. Sometimes it’s nice to see the original and the edited version. I follow a blogger who does that. She also includes details about the editing process. She uses Photoshop.

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      2. It is pricey. I use paint.net, which is free, to do some of my editing. It doesn’t do raw images, but it is decent for jpeg. And it doesn’t have the cool color effects of PS Express.

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