Tuesday Photo Challenge – Signs

My entry for Dutch Goes the Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Signs.

My sister-in-laws husband built this cabin. I love it!


I thought this was funny because there is clearly no ice. I took it a month or so ago in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.



  1. I couldn’t help but laugh at the cabin photo as it reminded me of something
    similar a friend had built, when I asked him what it was for thinking it was
    meant to be for storage he said he was calling it a mother in law room for
    when she came to visit.
    The backstory being that inspite of having been married for a number of years
    and his wife loving him dearly his mother in law criticized him relentlessly.
    When I commented there no windows or plumbing he just kinda smiled and
    said yeah, I know.
    Of course it did serve as storage and if anyone would have slept in it it may
    well have been my friend which was why there were no hasp and lock.
    Mother in laws have often been the brunt of jokes and in the main undeservedly,
    but still, it was funny.

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    1. Too funny! My mother-in-law passed away, she was the glue that kept the family close. She was also the best cook I have ever known. And she kept her baking secrets from us all, no matter how much we begged her to tell. No kidding. We still can’t reproduce her turkey stuffing. 😦


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