Check Out This Ride.

We had pulled in a parking lot to walk around the area, hoping to find something to take a picture of, when I noticed this awesome motorcycle. I looked around to see if the owner was nearby. There was a restaurant with an outdoor patio, so I gathered all the courage I could muster to hunt down the owner. I found him, asked if he would mind me taking some pictures for my site. He said sure, and I gave him our card. I wish I had the nerve to ask for his picture! One day…

Check out his ride though. How awesome is that?

UPDATE: Rebel Guy Insisted the need for enlarged photos. So now you can click them for an up close look.



      1. Hi Kirk, thank you so much for coming here and commenting! This is so cool! I had 198 looks on your bike, the most I ever had on a post was 52! If you want me to e-mail them to you, drop me a line using the contact box with your e-mail!
        Thanks again! πŸ™‚


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