Harvest Moon.

The weather wasn’t participating in my harvest moon capture. Well it kind of was, unfortunately my ISO was up to capture the clouds rolling past . The clearing clouds led to a pure white moon. I was hoping to do some stop motion film clips. I am getting quite the learning experience though. Through trial and error I learn very quick. One thing I learned tonight is auto focus is not my friend in stop motion animation. Here are a few pictures I thought were cool.

harvest moon
harvest moon 2
harvest moon3
I used a remote and just set it to fire away. It looks great until the moon was exposed, or should I say overexposed.
I am going to edit the stop motion because it really does look nice. The weird thing is some of the clouds appear behind the Overexposed moon. And the lighting on the clouds confirm this. I guess it has to do with angles. Or the auto focus issue.


    1. Thanks Paul. I’m slowly learning from comments like yours and others, and by trial and error. I’m really enjoying myself as well . Even when I goof up. I couldn’t imagine paying for film developing years ago. Only to find out you messed up 🙂

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