1. Actually,the trails are called “Con” trails.It’s short for condensation.When you go outside on a cold day & you see your breath……same thing is happening with a Jet engine.
    There is no such thing a “Chem”(chemical) trails.Maybe when they dust crops from a Bi-Plane,but their close to the ground.
    Chemical trails are a myth.No pilot would poison the air his children & neighbours are breathing.

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    1. Agreed but geo -engineering is the term I refer to . Others call it chem trail. Con trails dissipate . Geo engineering fills the sky . I am no expert but my guess is to protect us from harmful radiation from the sun ,from a weakening ozone. Geo -engineering is hardly a secret it can be found on various gov’t websites. Nice photography Tofino beautiful captures.


      1. Yes we were there 16 years ago with a couple of disposable film cameras. We never saw the Auroras . My brother has 8 acres about 2 hours north of Toronto. We will wait for a cme or solar flare and try . I also want to go there and take shots of the milky way .

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