This Chipmunk stuffed three whole peanuts with shell in to his mouth . chipmunk 2
He was right at my feet . I made another friend today for slightly different reasons. I’m positive this one has other interest in mind.
wild cat .
My new feline friend hung around me for at least an hour. I think he wants in on the action. The Chipmunk, or these guys Chickadee.
Or these guys on my mother-in laws squirrel proof bird feeder. 🙂 Almost.
squirrel feeder


  1. Squirrels abound here and a few chipmunks – always fun to watch and a
    couple who appear each morning at the kitchen window with hands
    outstretched for a piece of biscuit.
    What’s interesting is the hounds understand they’ve been accepted as
    friends and in turn are accepting.

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