1. Could you imagine on an older computer? I remember how bad some sites were when they were full of ads, I would have to stop following them because I did not want to wait. I had an ancient desk top then.

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  1. Beautiful picture first of all. 🙂 As far as slow loading… Sometimes it’s slow to load all of my pictures in a given post and will only show a small square in its place. I may log a case with WP on that issue. I’ve not noticed it being slow to display the like button. As far as ads, I rarely see them (fortunately) or maybe I’m just ignoring them.

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  2. I’ve been noticing those video ads everywhere. Yes, they ARE new. I’ve had long periods when either the “like” button won’t load, or the gravatars won’t load. Actually, they are connected, so maybe when the gravatars are slow, so it everything else. As for the video ads, I think they are straight spam and possibly, viral.

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    1. Thanks, Marilyn. I thought they were. I didn’t know they were connected. I don’t like the idea of video ads, don’t they take bandwidth? What if someone is on a low bandwidth plan and that adds up for them? Not fair!


    1. Thanks! 🙂 I should have explained myself better, every time I tried to like someone else’s post, their like button was never there, it was still loading. I had to go back several times before it would be up.


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