Fall Foliage 2

We had a small job to finish up this morning. Neither one of us wanted to go. We loaded up our cameras, and drove country roads on our way home.

Fall trees zephr
I picked a nice spot on a big hill, giving us a view above the trees.
fall trees zephr 2
Fall trees zephr 3
fall trees zephr 4
fall trees zephr5


  1. Here, this morning, it was a leaf storm as all the yellow leaves in the woods fell together. We got one really nice autumn day and now, the trees are scraggly with a few bright leaves, naked as all the leaves have fallen — or still green. What a strange season.

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    1. We are getting warnings for 50 mph winds this afternoon. We drove 45 minutes south of us to take pictures . Low lying land is more susceptible to cold . The closer to the lake they are green still . My huge maple tree out front of our house is usually golden yellow. If it doesn’t change by Halloween that will be a first. I always have to clean the walkway for kids to see the sidewalk,


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