1. You see the “W” turned 90 deg CCW almost center, in the Milky Way? That’s Cassiopeia. From the top star in the turned W, count down to the third segment, and then follow the line made by that segment on below the W a little more than the length of the segment itself. That’s it! (And wow that’s hard to describe, but hope you follow me.)

        It’s only slightly brighter than the rest of the Milky Way, but really pretty, particularly in binoculars. See if you can get a more close-up version. I’m still experimenting with techniques for this, and just shot it tonight. Will share, but not sure yet what I got!

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      2. What type of lens are you using? And yes i see it .Thanks for your help . So what is the cluster to the right just above the tree line . The yellow tree to the right of middle empty space .


      3. Thank you it was easy to find by eye . It was about 17 degrees altitude,. I have better sky tonight I want to try my different lenses tonight for it . But looking forward to your orionids meteor shower 2017 watch sat night . Thanks for all your help.


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