True Crime?

You know when you have read or watched too many crime shows when…

You stop at a bridge:

bridgeYou go to take a picture of some barbed wire in a tree:


And you notice some clothing draped neatly across some branches:


And the hair on your arm stands up. You immediately, although a bit scared, look around for evidence of some nefarious crime. But then you look up to see this:


A wash cloth hanging in a near-by tree. Probably just a road crew worker washing up after a long day? Left the pants because there was a small tear in them and he had a change of clothes with him?

Unless…he wasn’t a road worker and…

Oh, stop! I always thought I would grow up to be a detective! <—– (Seriously) Maybe my next job will be a crime scene photographer! I would still be helping solve crimes and catching bad guys and gals. 🙂

And what are we doing up so early? Maybe we should go back to bed? Rebel Guy just made coffee, guess we are up for the duration.  🙂





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