Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter I – Needs to start with the letter I

This is my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter I – Needs to start with the letter I.

Inukshuk aka Inuksuk:


What is an Inukshuk? It was used by the Inuit and means “One that looks like a person”. Some of its uses were to direct others to places, hunting grounds, or mark a spiritual place. Today, we see them everywhere.

We were doing a favour for a friend of a builder and saw all these wonderful things made from wood and stone. I mentioned how beautiful they were and the woman told me her husband had a high stress job so he made them as a form of a creative outlet. Then she said I could take one. I chose this Inukshuk.

For anyone interested in learning more about this:


I could not publish today without mentioning the death of Gord Downie from the band Tragically Hip who was a Canadian icon. He had an inoperable brain tumor and spent what time he had left promoting awareness about the (Quote from his site) “dark part of Canada’s history – the long-supressed mistreatment of Indigenous children and families by the residential school system – with the hope of starting our country on a road to reconciliation.”

He wrote a book and music album about this called “Secret Path” that can be viewed here. <—-Edited to go to a video that works! Well worth the click.

A touching moment:

Gord Downie breaks down at emotional First Nations ceremony.

Let us all make sure his efforts are not in vain.

RIP, Gord. You will be missed.

Sorry about all the edits, can’t help but add this:


  1. I read with interest about Inukshuk. You created a beautiful Inukshuk from little stones. On the right I see a little figure and it’s wonderful.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t know much about musician Gordon Downie. I read your beautiful tribute to this talented musician and try to find some of his songs.

    Photograph is very creative and very interesting!

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  2. Such a wonderful post. Today sure was a sad day here in Canada cuz of his passing. He was a wonderful spirit. May he Rest In Peace. And wonderful photos. 😊

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  3. Nice post RG. The Inukshuk is a beautiful piece. The Video you added didn’t work for me. I was going to ask about Gord as I heard of his death on the radio this morning I am listening to The Secret Path. The similarity to what happened to the Australian Aboriginal children at the same time period is chilling. Thanks for letting me know about a new singer

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    1. The one on the bottom? Sometimes youtube videos only work in certain countries. Sorry. Gord was well liked here in Canada. Very unique vocals, great lyrics!
      It really is terrible how we treated the First Nations here in North America. One side of my family did it to the other side! Thanks for letting me know it happened in Australia too! I guess it did everywhere.

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