1. Great photos! I especially like the first and last one. In the first photo there is a hint of movement in the leaves. Looks like there was a little bit of a wind. I like the last one for the many lines created by the trees. I also like the predominately brown/orange colour.

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    1. I have been to neither. Would like to go . I live in Canada. Have been to the east coast and drove out west one year. We went about 2 hours into the mountains of British Columbia. It was a 16 hour drive just to get out of Ontario.. There were places in northern Ontario where we drove 400 km. between gas stations. lakes and forest as far as the eyes could see.

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    1. Thank you. The fall was slow to come and quick to deliver this year. I still have a 50 foot maple out front of my house about 40 percent coloured. hoping to get it in it’s golden glory. πŸ™‚


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