Gargoyles On Churches

We were at St. George’s Anglican Church on the weekend. It is a beautiful stone structure built in  1877. It replaced the wooden church built in 1839. It over looks Lake Simcoe.

Lake Simcoe Sibbald's  Point
The church reminds me of a castle. Then I noticed at the top of the turret,
a rams head, no a gargoyle.
St. George. Jackson Point. gargoyle
Apparently to tell Christians that in Gods house no evil could come in . Evil lurks everywhere outside these doors, but you are safe here. The spout drains the water from the flat floor of the turret. I would love to get up top and take some pictures of the lake and Sibbald Point Provincial Park.


St. George. Jackson Point gargoyle 2

In most cemeteries that I have been to everything seems in order. Row upon row. Some of the earliest buried here are over looking the point. They have the best spot.
This maple tree is directly behind Stephen Leacock’s Grave stone.


Stephen Leacock maple tree


Stephen Leacock maple tree 2

This area has a rich long history, being one of Ontario’s first cottage destinations. And many of this regions shapers are buried right here.


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