What Is This?

I am switching computers, which means going through photographs, deleting most of them, and posting others.

I forgot about this one. It was a pop can left outside after a family gathering. I was cleaning up the next morning and went to put it in the recycle when I noticed a creepy, clear bug. Spider? I don’t know. It made for a good picture though.


rebel girl


  1. ooh, weird that you can see through it like it was glass. Maybe it’s white or light gray and picking up a reflection of the red with wet drops on it’s tiny insect fur. If it was a snake, i’d wonder if it had shed it’s skin but I don’t know think insects do that, do they?

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    1. Now that you mention it, I have read that some spiders do shed their skin, but this one was alive and well. Tom mentioned it is probably a young spiderling. Could be a newborn considering how small it was.

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  2. Truly a beautiful photo – looks like a spider to me – 8 legs and the body parts – but what a cool backdrop on he can with all that dew – at first I looked at the image and zoomed in wondering if it was glass art – but then it was clear to see the spider – and the red is so cool

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