When Two Become One

I’m not sure if I should go take pictures, or play with the ones I already have. It is cool and rainy here, giving me time to look at Photoshop CC. Lightroom has taken a little longer to get used to. I definitely need more time behind the wheel. But for Photoshop many of the tools work just as I remembered. Here I put two  pictures together with a layer mask .

Dragonfly & Moon2


  1. PS remains the gold standard for a great many inspite of the usual rhetoric that accompanies new editing software of ” is this the PS slayer ? “.
    Not yet but the gap is beginning to narrow and I believe a certain parity will be reached sooner
    than later.
    The learning curve for PS became overwhelming for some and in effort to address that and
    increase market share PS Elements was born – the longevity of both attributable to the simple
    fact that they work.
    I believe the subscription model was perceived as making it easier to attract consumers if they only initially had to lay out ten dollars rather than a hundred plus or put it on a card – my concern is that it might become an industry model.
    Having once purchased the disk regardless of age you always have the program, if your subscription lapses you’re out of luck and basically held hostage related to anything singularly stored in the “cloud” and regardless of any and all assurances the “cloud” is as equally vulnerable as any HD in any computer.
    Having said all that PS remains the gold standard and having subscribed you’re off and running now.

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    1. I have always been a believer in physical ownership. Time are definitely changing. I must admit I enjoy the convenience of instant download. I held off for a year because of no ownership. But am happy I took the plunge.


  2. Great pic – but i would’nt want to meet that guy on my walk!! 😉

    I’m old school and also prefer private ownership.

    I bought a Corel Draw Photo Ed CD for $5 from an Op Shop – it has way more features and tools than i’ll ever learn to use!

    Trouble is – finding a computer with a CD drive these days! 😉 (i have 3!)

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