This Old Halloween Maple

Maple tree.
Every year for the past twenty five years this maple tree sheds it’s golden leaves. Beginning in the first week of October they change colour and pile up around our property. Every year Rebel Girl tells me I have to go out and sweep the sidewalk, so kids don’t slip on the wet leaves. Not this year. The colour change is around 15 %.
Normally I rake up the leaves and pile them onto my garden and cover it with compost. Good thing the leaves are on the tree as I still have Calendula and assorted Chili Cayenne Red and Jalapeno’s growing in my garden
calendula and peppers
I have found since I took up gardening, I pay attention to growing patterns based on events. Every Aug 1st long weekend my brothers and their families come up for the weekend. Two weeks before we are harvesting garlic, dehydrating some for our steak spice. They leave with a braid of garlic and steak spice for the year. Just like the maple tree I imagine one year they will go home empty handed. In nature patterns can be easily broken. Now that I have a camera I can visually document my findings year to year.
rebelguy Happy Halloween.


  1. “Now that I have a camera I can visually document my findings year to year.”

    An important part of photography, not just the moment and memories but documenting
    Been doing that with glaciers in our area and it’s sobering.

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