WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

This weeks WP Photo Challenge:

Show us just enough of your subject to pique our interest.

What could possibly be inside these slots?


A peek at a dress I am re-fashioning:


A picture of the late Allan Stanley and me. He is signing my jersey.


Remember the B&W photo I took of the glitter top I gave you a peek at and promised to show it when finished? This is what I ended up making it into:


rebel girl


  1. This is cool. I remember Allan Stanley very well. Used to watch him play most every Wednesday night on TV… and once in a while was able to see him live on the ice. Thanks for the “peek” down memory lane…


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    1. You are welcome, Galen. He was so nice. I also had a round metal thing with his photo on it that a pie filling company put in their boxes. When I showed it to him, he asked me where I got it, I told him it was at an antique store, That is what we were laughing at in the picture.


    1. Thanks, Irene! I haven’t been able to do too much this year because Rebel Guys dad was passing due to cancer and other life gets in the way stuff. I want to get back into again. It is a recent hobby and I love doing it.
      The boxes are from an old mill, I have to find out for sure, I was told it was a paper mill, flour mill, and then a lumber one. So…one of them. I know the owner so I will find out. When she bought it, we searched every single slot and found only one thing. I will post it soon.

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